Friday, April 22, 2011

Sketching in Mexico: Part I

Sketching while traveling is one of my favorite ways to slow down and pay attention in order to take in the new scenery, smells and sounds. It is amazing how much more you end up remembering after you sketch it as opposed to just looking at it or taking a snapshot. And those memories are not limited to purely visual impressions. During this trip it also proved to be an incredible way to invite conversations and strike acquaintances with the locals. Whenever people saw me sketch them they would come up and check out what I am drawing. Strangers would tell me their stories, invite me to visit their homes, or sit down to share a drink.  Here are some of the things I saw and people that I met:

 Heading to Mexico with my two year old daughter in the wake of drug wars and daily uncovering of mass graves I wasn't sure I was behaving like a responsible parent

Customers of Capers Cafe at the PDX Airport are trying to wake up with the help of extra strong coffee and an unusually chipper waitress. See her "Bits of Wisdom" below to the right.

This Civecheria was sharing the same parking lot with the local Wallmart in Nueva Vallarta. Our expectations were set pretty low but the cold beer and a chill family atmosphere won us over.

View from our house

View of our House

Sustainable banana eating. Probably shortest distance bananas had to travel to get to my stomach–from the tree one foot away from the balcony
Julio, the owner of the most delicious fish taco stand sat down with us for a sketch and a beer

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