Monday, July 1, 2013

Reed College Tango Music Institute 2013

Last week I spent almost every waking moment of my life learning the craft of playing tango music. The experience was amazing, intense, frustrating, moving, and every other emotion in between. The abundance of piano players resulted in us having to wait for our turn to play with orchestras and ensembles and provided for ample time to sketch.

David Jencks and Linda Reiss during the Ensemble 3 practice.

Dana Wen playing El Flete with the orchestra

David Jencks at Eliot Chapel practice

Gina, the beautiful tango singer from Costa Rica

Julian Hasse doing a bandoneon demo. Homer filming.

Kendra and Daniel from "Redwood Tango Ensemble" during the Tango Fundamentals class

Nick Danielson doing the violin techniques presentation

Octavio Brunetti during rehearsals and talking about soccer during happy hour

Octavio Brunetti during the piano techniques class

Rafael from Peru and Julian Hasse

Tammy from Vancouver, BC during the orchestra practice

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