Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bare Bones Workshop in Seattle

Last week I headed to the Emerald City to take part in Stephanie Bower's workshop on perspective. I had a great time, sketched and ton, and met a lot of really nice people.

Of course I couldn't leave without a sketch of the iconic entrance to the Pike Place Market. As as I was standing on what is surely one of the busiest intersections in the Western United States trying to fit the animation of the river of tourists, locals carrying flower bouquets, green haired students ready for a night of boozing on the town for St. Patrick's weekend, flowering daffodils, flying fish, shoppers, buskers, and onlookers onto a small page, a homeless woman came up to me and blocked most of my view. She quickly glanced at my sketch book and offered her opinion. "I am writing a book called "A Tea Bag in Hot Water", because I am homeless, you know". She gave another approving look at my sketch and meandered along.

"Honey crisp apples! Honey crisp apples!" – the seller was offering samples. We must have heard that phrase at least 1000 times as we stood in front of this fruit stall at the Pike Place market and watched Stephanie's demo.

We headed to Mithun, a really beautiful architecture studio right on the Seattle's waterfront for the workshop's decompress and happy hour.

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