Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Portland Design Week

Portland is abuzz with creatives, clever type faces, and talks of great design this week. What's different from usual, you would ask. Design week, I say.

During my lunch break, ignoring the urge to stay outside and enjoy another perfect 82 degree sunny day in October I head inside a creative agency called Leopold Ketel for a talk called "Design for Nonprofits." Sharing a carpeted, exposed brick wall conference room with me are a few dozen creatives, gleaning for inspiration.

Leopold Ketel creative team showcases the really impressive portfolio of projects for non-profits from the "End Petlessness" campaign to Oregon Aquarium to a skit for Planned Parenthood that makes everyone in the room slightly uncomfortable. They talk about the significance of believing in the mission of a non-profit, whose project you take on and the importance of being paid for you work. All true things.

Design Week in Portland

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