Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Approaching the Finish Line

2014 has been a great year of sketching, traveling, and playing music. I was lucky to draw in Portland, Newport, Seattle, Hood River, Tulum, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Nijmegen (Netherlands), Rio de Janeiro, Paraty (Brazil), Denver Airport, Holbox, and Mexico City. As the 2014 is on its final finish line here are some highlights from the beautiful and mundane world–my everyday life in Portland, OR.

Violin Classes Continue
Isabelle continues to work diligently on her violin which gives me a weekly change to draw her and her teacher Roberta as they stomp, clap, squeak, pluck, and sing scales and tunes.

Violin Lessons with Roberta

Violin lessons with Roberta



Jim's Birthday Celebration in Hood River
Heading to Hood River with a group of friends is always a wonderful occasion to draw some intimate portraits and marvel at the hilarity and sweetness of the people that I am lucky enough to have as friends.




Happy Hours and Meals in Portland's Sweet Bars and Restaurants
Enjoying a drink at the end of a work week is one of my favorite activities. It also never seems to disappoint as far the perfect place to make quick sketches.






Group of diners at Hana

Jim's friend Critter visiting from Denver

Couple lunching at Prasad

Petunia–gluten free bakery

Dinner with Jeff and Caitlin


Dinner with Jeff and Caitlin

Jeff's roommate David

Maintenance Visits
I try to to challenge myself by doing really fast sketches while standing in lines, maintenance stops at bike shops. Event my daughter's teeth cleaning is an excuse to whip out my sketchbook.

Isabelle's routine dental check-up


This last sketch I did in between sets while performing with my band. Proved to be a great way to relax and release some performance anxiety. These are my first and second violins sitting and chatting along.


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