Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Celebrating International Women's day in Style

This past weekend marked the second installment of the International's Women's Day celebration at the Pooley House in Hood River. The original group of friends gathered for a weekend of indulging the senses–great company, conversation, music playing, cooking and sharing exquisite meals together.

On Saturday evening we started off by making dumplings to belatedly celebrate Chinese New Year. We gathered around the kitchen island of the Pooley house to stuff and gently fold the wrappers. Nobody wanted to embarrass themselves by having his or her dumpling burst in the boiling water.

Making dumplings

The choices of dumplings were either ground pork with spices–unfortunately couldn't be the judge of those due to my food preferences–or vegetarian. The vegetarian stuffing was lovingly prepared by my Chinese friend Jingzi and contained at least half a dozen ingredients that I tried to document in the sketch below.

Making Dumplings: Ingredients

Next morning was the actual Women's day. Men gathered in the kitchen to prepare the most exquisite brunch while ladies gathered to chat to the sounds of Chopin performed live by my friend Chris who brought his keyboard all the way from Portland for the occasion.

International Women's Day

Good thing we took a long hike following the brunch to work off the multiple courses of this scrumptious meal. Amazingly lucky to be surrounded by the sweetest loving men who can cook, play music, and wear a top hat on occasion.

International Women's Day

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