Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Last sweet drops of Portland's Summer 2016

Other sketchers successfully demonstrate that you could produce amazing work even in sub-zero temperatures in the middle of Minnesota or Stockholm winter. I am not so brave, which is why I was truly savoring the last few dry sunny days of the beautiful Portland summer.

Downtown Portland from the Burnside bridge
Portland in scaffolding. For better or worse the city is being demolished, rebuilt,and gentrified even more

"If you don't like my CD, send it back, and I will send you one I don't like..." advertises Bob in his raspy voice as the duo poses between their blue grass songs. They sing about having problems with IRS and wanting to pay more taxes if it means having decent education and medical care for everyone. The lovely, low key farmer's market in the waning hours of the summer in Portland.

King Market Live Band

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