Friday, April 28, 2017

A Weekend in San Francisco

Quick trip to the Bay area to see some friends, do some sketching, dance some tangos, and play some music. 

Quick panoramic sketch from a hotel room in Japan Town. 

Telegraph hill, bay bridge and some typical old houses in the foreground sketched on location.

While staying with a friend in Pacifica we got to ride in the car of the future, or, rather, the long overdue present, the present we can't seem to reach because of the government's indebtedness to the oil industry. It is not just that this muscle can accelerate faster than any conventional sports car, leaving your stomach somewhere way behind the rest of your body. Not even that it can drive and park itself. Not even that it allows you to drive coast to coast for free making carefully calculated stops at super charge stations placed in strategically interesting spots along the way. It is that this car makes any other car feel so last century. You no longer have to deal with gas stations or car dealers or exhaust pipes. The best part is that you don't have to feel like you are bringing human kind one step closer to extinction every time you turn on the engine. 

Old San Francisco houses in Pacific Heights neighborhood.
Russian hill neighborhood with its iconic trolly. 


  1. Nice description of the Tesla. No wonder they need to invest in advertising.

  2. Great description of the Tesla. No wonder they have no need to spend on advertising. -JML